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The Holy Grail of Sound Has Arrived

Keeling are the world’s first high-end, intelligent in-ear monitors.

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Calibrated to interface with your body

Keeling in-ear monitors deliver perfect reference sound. Freedom, reliability, audio excellence and opulent luxury are integrated into Keeling’s new and innovative three-pillars of personalization design: state-of-the-art technology, unrivaled comfort, and unlimited luxury customization.

“Everything about your sound is unique, so why would you settle for ‘one size fits all’ for your in-ear monitor?”

Craftsmanship & Artistry

An experience to remember.

We combine the highest avant-garde standards of technological perfection with unparalleled comfort and a level of luxury that integrates perfectly into your brand. Specifically calibrated to interface with and adapt to your physiology, Keeling crafts a superior audio experience and ensures that every frequency provides you with sound perfection.


“The Keeling way means no shortcuts, no inferior bypassing. Perfection is the goal, and it’s achieved every time.”
– Adam Keeling


The Origins of Audio Legacy

Our design team is obsessed with sound. Performers, producers and musicians demand absolute excellence through the entire production and performance chain. To this end, Keeling offers a patented technology, which is not only the finest in-ear audio product on the planet, but also one that reflects your unique fashion style and branding.


You’re not generic and your equipment shouldn’t be either.

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